Have you lit your Flamme?

Bringing luxury and intimacy to all of life’s moments by encouraging boldness and passion. Designed with warm experiences in mind, we set the mood with our pure, long-lasting (trust us, longer than what you’ve already experienced with others), and enchanting fragrances. 

We encourage you to light your Flamme and expose your inhibitions.


The perfect candle


"I recently moved into a new home and needed to order candles for a few rooms. I searched on amazon for a lavender candle and almost gave up, all of the options just seemed rather banal. Until I found this Flamme candle. I'm very happy I came across this candle, because it was exactly what I needed. If you're looking for a tasteful looking candle with a great scent, look no further, this is the candle for you."



"They're divine! Makes me smile and lifts me up every time I walk into the house, as the scents linger even when not lite. They last a long time and burn evenly too!. Cannot say enough about this line! Don't hesitate! You'll not be disappointed.... ;-)

Finally a candle me and my girlfriend can agree on!


"These are hands down the best candles I have ever had. Smell is amazing, I bought this and lit before my girlfriend came home and as soon as she walked in the door a big smile came across her face and she said she loved the smell. Glad we found some candles we can agree on. I also really like the label. Very aesthetically pleasing."

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