Obligatory Introduction To Flamme For The Mal Informé

Parlez-vous français? No? Sacrebleu!

Joking. You don't need to speak the language of love or understand its melodic rhythm to appreciate Flamme. We’ve been around a few years and developed a reputation as a candle that’s fun at parties and scored a 1600 on the SAT. If our looks don’t create love at first sight, our complex layered scents will. Candles to bring home to mom or set the mood for a night of anything goes. Light your Flamme and choose your own adventure. Like an old friend, we’ll always be there for you. 

Most importantly, we’re not just about innuendo and aesthetics; a portion of our proceeds goes to THAW, a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing heat and electricity to the elderly, unemployed, disabled, and underemployed. We are the consummate giver *winking emoji* *winking emoji.*

Skeptical that we’ve created the perfect candle? It’s tacky to brag about yourself, so we’ll let our customers do it for us: 

  • If you're looking for a tasteful looking candle with a great scent, look no further, this is the candle for you.” -Kris 
  • “This candle far exceeded my expectations! The scent was relaxing and robust. The jar looks great and everyone who sees it asks where I bought it.” -Mal
  • “I love the overall presentation and how cool the candle is.” -Carol
  • “They come in a well-designed glass, have great scents, and really tie the room together. The perfect modern candle.” -Michael 

Stay tuned to our blog for product updates, candle hacks, contests, and stories about “one amazing trick that SHOCKED doctors!” OK, maybe not that last one, but we promise there’ll be some cool shit from time to time.

Peace and love.